Technical lighting in interior spaces can seem monotonous and boring. Luxiona Group, aware of this, breaks with this stereotype by finding a new way of understanding the essence of light thanks to Flying Surface. A luminaire by Troll, the technical lighting firm of Luxiona Group, designed by the renowned and prestigious French architect Jean Nouvel.

The balance between architecture and lighting has a name, Flying Surface. With this lamp Jean Nouvel defines a new lighting concept, perfect for offices and work areas, which not only illuminates the space, but also gives a sensation of natural light.

Flying Surface, with a structure made from a stretched fabric, becomes a floating surface that radiates light when it is on or a white canvas when it is off. Undoubtedly, a new concept that integrates light and design in the same element, as if it were an artist’s canvas before being painted.

Flying Surface captures the light on a plane that floats in the space giving character and personality to the space, becoming the common point between architecture and design.