After the recent collaboration of Luxiona in the "My architect's furniture" exhibition by Jean Nouvel at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, the French architect offers us a series of exclusive interviews on lighting via various collaborations with the Luxiona Group and in particular, the group's brand Troll.

The first of these is an introduction to Paralum. "Paralum de Luxiona is more than just a lighting device, much more even than a false ceiling that incorporates light fittings. Paralum truly affirms itself as an illumination objet d’art, permanently interfering with and interchanging with its surroundings.

En esta ocasión una de las grandes novedades que presentará en la feria estárelacionada con el sector hospitalario (Health & Care). Iluminación inteligente paraquirófanos M.I (Medical Intelligent) LIGHTING SYSTEM,